Tammer-Tukku News

03.11.2017 12:49

Tammer-Tukku has received the Achievers certificate

Properties of an achiever company are established operations, stable growth development, a good result and profitability, a strong financial structure, and liquidity to safeguard operational continuity.

The Kauppalehti newspaper’s research and analysis unit, Balance Consulting, annually analyses companies’ performance based on data from financial statements. The analysis examines a company’s financial performance in six different areas. The company is an achiever if its growth, profitability, result, liquidity, solvency, and risk tolerance are all in order. The analysis compares a company to other companies of a similar size.

The Achievers certificate is awarded to companies whose financial performance indicates that the company is one of the best in the country and in its own industry, and that its finances are stable. Companies with strong finances are reliable and desirable partners in cooperation, and are stable employers. The Achievers certificate is recognition of a company’s effective management and organisation, as well as business skills.


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