Tammer-Tukku News

05.06.2018 16:20

Our summer 2019 showroom is now open

Summer 2019 has arrived to the Tammer-Tukku showroom spaces, and everything looks delightful. Does your summer consist of robust tropical shades or gentle, fluffy cotton candy hues? Or would you like to stroll amidst a down-to-earth atmosphere?

All of this is available in summertime décor and accessories. Also, green thumbs and do-it-yourselfers will be ecstatic with many fabulous, high-quality new arrivals to choose from. There will also be a wide array of long-time favourites on display along with exciting new arrivals for sports and outdoor fun, fitness, cabin life, berry picking and lots of other summertime activities. We welcome you to come and fall in love with summer!


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