Over 4’000 consumers choose a Tammer-Tukku product every hour
– throughout the year.

Tammer-Tukku, founded in 1954, is one of the leading consumer product companies in Northern Europe. Our broad product collection consists of almost 20`000 highly commercial consumer goods, which range from the newest hit products and novelties to every day essentials.

Our turnover over 80 M € and we are extremely proud to employ over 185 highly trained consumer good professionals. Tammer-Tukku is fully family owned and currently run in third generation. We believe in long-term partnerships both with our customers as well as with our other partners.

A visit to our inspiring showrooms provides the best way to explore our broad collection

Our main showroom of over 7’000 m2 located in the very heart of Finland is both inspiring and impressive. One of the biggest showrooms in Northern Europe is truly worth a visit. A constantly renewing selection of almost 20`000 fast selling consumer goods is at its best viewed first hand next to our headquarter in Tampere. We also welcome you to visit our secondary showroom located in Southern Sweden for a glimpse of our collection.

Our loyal and long-lasting customer base is our proudest reference

At Tammer-Tukku we view our customers as long-term partners. This philosophy runs through our organization and is reflected in the loyalty of our clients. Our client base covers the leading consumer good retail chains in Northern Europe and the Baltic countries. Overall, Tammer-Tukku products are currently sold in over 20 countries. In addition to our broad selection our customers value the possibility of placing EDI-orders as well as orders by the container load.

A truly global purchase network accessible through one reliable partner

Decades of international experience and the position of an industry pioneer in Northern Europe have resulted in a highly competitive purchase network. Long-term relationships with producers and manufacturers across the globe enable us to offer an extremely broad range with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Our behind-the-scenes secret ensures smooth and timely deliveries throughout the year

The backbone of our operation is our modern 30’000 m2 logistics center, which handles volumes of over 5’000 TEU’s annually. 75 highly qualified logistics professionals work hard around the year to ensure smooth deliveries and customer satisfaction.